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In today’s world, buying is more than a simple transaction. It’s a chance to make an impact. Lowering your carbon footprint means making a change to your shopping habits and choosing products from brands whose missions are transparent, ethical and sustainable. Why not buy from companies whose values you can get behind? Here are 5 eco-friendly companies you’ll feel proud to buy from. 

Everlane: This clothing brand is known for its modern and timeless pieces without the high price markup. Not to mention, its commitment to transparency, sourcing high quality materials, and using ethical factories. Recently, they launched an outerwear collection made from recycled plastic bottles. Check out their website for other ways they’re helping reduce waste and contributing to ethical practices. 

Pana Organic: This organic and GMO-free snack brand is more than just tasty trail mixes, chocolate barks and coconut chips. They use renewable energy for power and stopped the use of California almonds for environmental reasons. They also offset their carbon footprint by planting trees, composting their waste, and are a certified B-Corp. 

Bathing Culture: This soap is certified organic, biodegradable and sustainably and ethically harvested and produced. Their bottles are also made from 100% recycled materials. Bathing Culture’s soap is kind to both your skin and the planet!

Rothy’s: This sustainable shoe company has repurposed more than 37 million single-use plastic bottles and have turned them into their signature thread. They offer a variety of flats, slip ons and loafers for women and children. 

Crane & Canopy: This unique bedding company prioritizes high-quality materials manufactured ethically and responsibly. At each stage of the production process materials are tested for harmful substances and chemicals.  

It’s easy to find retail companies who not only commit to their customers and products, but also commit to the planet. The next time you’re in the market for new clothes, shoes or other products, look for a brand that is socially and environmentally sustainable.