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Instead of buying new and expensive planters for your home, save a little cash and make your very own! Whether it’s for indoor gardening or a patio makeover, you’ll definitely want to create an awesome upcycled planter to add to your space. Here are some tips on how to make your own upcycled planter from materials you already have at home. 

Old toys: Kids can get tired of toys pretty quickly. Now those old toys don’t have to go to waste. DIY super cute planters made from old toys can adorn your mantle for years to come.

Wine bottles: You’ll never look at your old wine bottles the same way again. Use a glass cutter and some copper wire to make an awesome garden completely from scratch.

Kitchen items: If you love to cook, common kitchen items can be transformed into adorable planters. Try cast iron skillets, tea tins, cans and tea cups. There are endless options! 

Vintage jars: Tiny vintage jars make amazing little succulent planters. Use all different shapes and sizes for a fun and eclectic look. 

Paint tins: This clever project combines paint and plants. The best part is that you can fake a paint drip effect with craft paint and use it on all kinds of DIYs.

Tires: We all need new tires every now and again, and now we have a good reason to be excited about it. Tell your mechanic to pack your old tires in the trunk because you’ve got plans for them at home. Use these outdoors for a rustic, long-lasting planter. 

Soup cans: Bright colors can give old soup cans new life. Try old coffee and tea tins too. Creativity with these items can be endless! 

Put old or exhausted items to good use and make untraditional upcycled planters. These unique pieces will add a spark to your creativity and home.