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Use Cruise Control.

Cruise control is there to make your life easier, use it! It will also help you maintain lower emissions. Make sure you’re safe about it, so don’t use it when you’re on hills or in traffic, but this will help keep your driving speeds steady and more efficient in the long run.

Keep your tires inflated.

Keeping your tires full may seem like routine maintenance, but you would be surprised at how this small trick can keep you efficient! Your car almost always could benefit from being topped off with air, almost as often as you top off with gas.

Clean out your car.

This might sound funny, but keeping your car cleaned out will help your driving efficiency! By cleaning out your car, you are keeping your car at a low weight, which is a more efficient way to drive!

Drive Steady.

By maintaining a steady speed, your fuel efficiency will improve! Optimal speeds vary depending on location, type of vehicle, etc., but maintaining a steady pace on highways will help with your efficiency.

Reduce idle time.

Avoid idling for long periods of time, if you think

you’ll be stopped for more than a couple minutes it is best just to go ahead and turn off your engine. Restarting your car after turning it off uses less fuel than idling for a minute! Keep this in mind any time you are sitting in traffic or carpooling with a friend.

Maintain your car’s efficiency.

Service your car! Getting your car checked on a regular basis will ensure you’re driving as efficiently as possible.

Keep a tight gas cap.

Twist that gas cap until you hear two clicks after you fill up at 7-Eleven. Making sure that your gas cap is tight will keep your gas from evaporating.

Fill up at 7-Eleven with RENEW!

Of course, one way to ensure you are driving sustainably is by filling up with RENEW at 7-Eleven! RENEW is a reduced emissions program that works to automatically offset your car’s emissions every time you fill up! Find a participating 7-Eleven near you and fill up today!