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It’s the most wonderful time of the year- the holiday season is here! Before you start planning your holiday celebrations consider these ways you can celebrate the holidays in true green fashion.

Choosing a Tree

If having a real tree is crucial in your holiday experience, go get one! There are ways you can reuse or recycle your tree once the season is over.

One way to have a real tree experience is to reuse your tree. A potted tree this season can not only be used for celebration but can be kept in your yard and enjoyed long after the season is over. Just purchase a potted tree from your local nursery! Decorate the potted tree for the holiday season, and then just plant your tree outside after the holidays are over.

Another way you can feel good about your real tree is to recycle your tree after the holiday season. The benefits of recycling your tree include producing compost and mulch for planting trees, habitats for wildlife, and wood chips used for jogging trails and parks. If you already compost yard debris in your household, consider recycling your own tree. You can trim the branches and use a wood chipper to create mulch for your garden or to add to your compost.

If you are a resident of Vancouver check out this link to the city’s website regarding recycling trees. If you don’t compost, most municipalities offer leaf and limb pick up programs to allow you to recycle your tree.

Both reusing and recycling are great options for celebrating green and feeling good about your tree, or you can opt for the always reusable fake tree.

LED Lights

Another essential to holiday decoration are the lights! No matter if you decorate with minimal lights, or go all out, switch to LED this season. LED lights use 75% fewer watts of energy and 80% less energy than traditional lights. Purchasing LED lights will allow you to celebrate the holidays while reducing your power consumption. Also, when purchasing your new lights, inquire whether the store can recycle any old lights.

Once you have your decorations and LED lights up the holiday spirit will be in full swing! We all aspire to be Clark Griswald, we want our houses lit throughout the holiday season! It’s all part of the holiday spirit, but keeping your lights on will increase your energy consumption as well as your power bill. To help prevent this, consider using a timer on your lights or set a time when you will turn your lights off. A good rule of thumb is to have your lights off as you turn in for the night. Doing this will help you spread the cheer in a green and energy efficient way!


Traveling just seems to go hand in hand with the holidays. You can’t have one without the other! Before you head to your destination, all you need do is fill up at your local 7-Eleven and RENEW will calculate your estimated tailpipe emissions and plant trees in your community that will result in offsetting up to 30% of your emissions. Turns out you can be green while traveling this holiday season!

We hope you found these tips useful and will implement them in your holiday plans this season. From 7-Eleven RENEW, Happy Holidays!