Together, our goal is to plant 10,000 trees!

Pumping fuel at 7-Eleven means that you’re giving back and planting trees every time you fill up! As part of the 7-Eleven RENEW™ program, we’re excited to be kicking off the ‘Plant It Forward’ promotion. As part of the Plant it Forward promotion, anyone in participating locations in Canada, can sign up to claim a tree for themselves and a friend or loved one! Don’t forget, every time you fill up at 7-Eleven, the 7-Eleven RENEW™ program plants trees and invests in certified carbon offset projects to offset your tailpipe emissions. That’s why we say Pump Here. Plant Trees!*
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Pump gas. Plant trees. All over the U.S.


If you want to further your efforts, we’ll host community tree planting and beautification projects with the TreeCanada. If you’re interested in getting a little dirty, being outside, making an impact, and bonding with our communities, send us some info, and we’ll let you know when we have a project coming up.