RENEW™ Projects

7-Eleven RENEW™ supports and invests in the following certified projects designed to offset your tailpipe emissions every time you fill up at participating 7-Eleven locations. Important projects, designed to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, are located both in our communities and across the world. See below for more information.

Canadian Projects

Tree Planting –McLeod Lake, BC

In partnership with Tree Canada through their National Greening Program, 7-Eleven contributed to the planting of 2,500 trees at McLeod Lake, BC. Lodge pole pine and Douglas fir enhance the forest by restoring the land and creating new habitats. The area has fairly rich soils, which means these seedlings have a very high growth success rate.

Tree Planting – Myrtle Park- North Vancouver, British Columbia 

In October 2019, the 7-Eleven team planted 70 native trees and shrubs at Myrtle Park in partnership with Tree Canada. This native greenery will provide homes for local wildlife, as well as save water.

Tree Planting – Lynnmouth Park- North Vancouver, British Columbia

The 7-Eleven RENEW™ program partnered with Tree Canada and hosted a tree planting at Lynnmouth Park in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The tree planting took place during National Forest Week on September 25, 2018.

Tree Planting – Lytton First Nation Property – Kamloops, BC

The Lytton First Nation-owned property was highly affected by an extreme fire 5 years ago. Tree Canada is partnering with Lytton First Nation in order to return the property’s forest cover with native trees, such as Douglas Fir, Yellow Pine, Lodge Pole Pine, and Spruce. This project will also provide habitat and hydrological benefits.

Destruction Of Ozone Depleting Substances-Canada

The project recovers and destroys ozone depleting substance (ODS) used as a refrigerant. ODS are known as having high GHG potential. By recovering these ODS and have them destroyed, it avoids their emission to the atmosphere.
 *GHG CleanProjects Registry 

Global Projects

LKPPL Fuel Switch Project for Generation of Cleaner Power- India

The purpose of the project activity is the generation of electricity using clean fuel and exporting to the state grid thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The activity helps to improvise the power deficit situation in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and also contributes to sustainable economic growth and conservation of the environment. It enhances the economic growth and development of the local area.
*APX VCS Registry

Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Cogeneration Project- South Korea

The project utilizes surplus waste gasses including BFG(Blast Furnace Gas), COG(Coke Oven Gas) and LDG(Converter Gas) produced by Steel to generate electricity. The waste gasses created by Steel are reused by the steel mill, and the rest are consumed by the proposed project. Through this project, approximately 2,741,035MWh electricity will be sent to a power grid, and 1,285,000 ton steam will be produced and sent to Steel.
*APX VCS Registry