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Vancouver has been ranked the sixth most livable city in the world by a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit in September 2019.

The report evaluated the living conditions of different locations around the world, and gave 140 cities a score out of 100 on a range of aspects like standard of living, crime, transportation, infrastructure, access to education and healthcare, political and economic stability, and sustainability. 

Vancouver is no stranger to eco-friendly and sustainable living methods. The city is extremely green, in both definitions of the word. Located between the ocean and mountains and lined with flourishing plants and trees, the city of Vancouver is known to have some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any major city in North America. 

Vancouver has been committed to their mission of sustainability, and creating laws and policies to advance that goal, for many years. For example, the city offers various methods of transportation that cut down their carbon footprint and they choose to utilize clean building codes and infrastructure. 

Overall, Vancouver does an outstanding job ensuring the health and happiness of its citizens and visitors!