Over the holiday season, there is a lot of waste that piles up. Check out these tips to learn other uses and ways to get rid of the waste this year!

Recycle/Recycle Wrapping Paper

As hard as it is to be patient to see what’s awaiting the wrapped presents, it is worth reusing your wrapping paper! If you can be patient, carefully unwrap your gift so you can reuse! Another option for those of us who are a little more eager is using recycled wrapping paper that can go right back into the recycling bin. Here are some options.

Recycle Your Tree

As we mentioned in our previous Holiday blog (link Go Green This Holiday Season), you can recycle or reuse your Christmas tree! Check out our previous blog post for more, but in short, you can recycle your tree into mulch or you can keep it in a pot without having to cut it down!

Shipping Boxes

It seems Holiday shopping has turned online. With that switch come all the boxes that are now sent to our houses and delivered right on the porch! With this change comes more waste from our gifts. To combat the waste always recycle your shipping boxes! Cardboard boxes can easily be recycled by just breaking them down, no need to take off the tape or labels.

Recycle BC has a Recycle Depot page where users can find their nearest location to recycle numerous types of packaging fore free such as cardboard boxes, foam packaging, plastic containers, and more!

Clearly Label Your Recycling Bin

Clearly labeling your recycling bin can make a difference when you are cleaning up after the holiday chaos. By clearly labeling your recycling bin you are making it easier for anyone helping to see that you recycle and can help in your green efforts!

Keep Your Decorations

Always keep your old decorations! All the holiday décor can easily be used for years to come! If you are tired of your holiday scheme, don’t just toss out your old decorations! There are a lot of organizations who depend on donations to spread the holiday cheer. Ask around at schools, hospitals, shelters, or fire stations, or consider donating them to a charity store like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season!